Best Home Theater Speakers

By | August 18, 2013

Summary Description: You need to consider some factors, such as placement, performance, design, installation, and additional features, when looking for the best home theater speakers

“Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Home Theater Speakers”

best home theater speakersMore families choose home theater units to enjoy the movie theater in their leisure time. The excitement of movie watching experience has shifted to home. You can enjoy favorite movies independent upon the movie show schedules at the theaters. You determine what you want to watch. You certainly want the best home theater speakers installed in your house to ensure great sound produced in your living room.

However, finding a good home theater speaker may not be a simple task. Many things influence the quality of the sound produced by the speaker. The following are things to consider when looking for a speaker for home theater.



  • Placement

Size of the room determines the type of home speakers you need. A small room needs speakers with smaller size. You may choose a bookshelf speaker for an effective spatial use. Alternatively, you can install a center-channel speaker, which is placed above or beneath the TV set. As a result, you do not need extra space for the speakers.

Another important thing to consider in finding the  is the surrounding situation, where the speakers will be installed. A center or front channel speaker does not work well in a crowded setting. External sound effects will eat up the sound produced by the home theater. To overcome such a problem, home theater with rear-surround speakers may be the right choice. This type of speaker is usually available in wall-mounted or on-shelf design.


  • Performance

Human hearing frequency ranges from 20-20.000 Hz. Most of speakers for home theater are designed to produce sound in this range. Since no single speaker could produce a speaker that embraces low and high frequency simultaneously, make sure your get one that allows you to choose an appropriate frequency range.

  • Design

home theater designThe best home theater speakers are designed in a sturdy building. The speakers are shielded to make sure that the components inside are protected from the external effects, such as shocks.  The best speaker system is magnetically shielded to improve its durability.

  • Installation

A novice user is not indicated to buy separate components of a speaker. This requires you to assembly the components. It may take time. A built-in speaker is more appropriate for you. In addition, make sure that the speakers are supported by easy installation features. Take a closer look at the connectors and the cabling requirements. Short cable limits the space between the electric plug and the speaker set.

Actually, some other factors can influence the choice for home theater speaker. They include additional features. Some manufacturers choose to add features to improve functionality of the speakers for home theater. They include passive radiators that allow you to produce appealing sound. Some home theaters also come with a separate or integrated DVD player or a Blu-ray player.

Even though it does not significantly influence your decision, brand may be an important element if you are a brand fanatic. Samsung, LC, Panasonic, and Sony are some popular brands of the best home theater speakers. The brands may influence your decision when they have something to do with the warranty offered by the suppliers. Five or three year-warranty may matter.